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There are a lot of short-sighted and impractical people around the world who fail to realize the value of their hard-earned money because they think that the gravy trains will never stop and the cash cow will live forever and that is why they do not think twice when they splurge on their guilty plea…

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5 Economic Benefits of R&D

The academe is not the only place where professionals are competing for a luxurious R&D grant. More and more, the capitalist industries of the world are relying on research and development to spearhead their various projects and lead to better and more profitable products. But what is R&D and how …

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Things to Consider When Buying a New Landed Property


Buying a landed property is one of the best investments that you can have. You wouldn’t only have a place to live in but it can be a great investment for the future if you plan to sell it eventually. Great thing is that there are many landed properties that you can find and there are several typ…

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