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5 Economic Benefits of R&D

The academe is not the only place where professionals are competing for a luxurious R&D grant. More and more, the capitalist industries of the world are relying on research and development to spearhead their various projects and lead to better and more profitable products. But what is R&D and how does it help industries?


First off, we need to clarify what we mean by research and development. By research, we refer to any new scientific thinking that may be used for or result to a new product or in a new procedure that will aid in the manufacturing of a new product.

When we talk about research, we can classify it into two: basic and applied research. Basic research is what is mostly done in the academe—an in-depth analysis of scientific principles to advance understanding of various laws and theories from a scholarly point of view. Applied research, on the other hand, talk about the use of such data toward application in a real-world setting. Mostly, applied research takes the form of an innovative new process of creating a product or a better product in itself.

Israel research funding is devoted toward an identical goal of product improvement. However, the more important missing fact is if research and development can achieve such lofty goals. That question is no longer “if”; the question should be “when” R&D finally reaches its goals, how would you apply it?

Not yet convinced of R&D’s greatest advantages? Read on and find out how it can help you.

  1. Increased productivity

Having an R&D producing results that your competitors cannot easily replicate is a huge advantage. In no time, you will be leaving your completion in the dust. Through R&D you will have the ability to develop more efficient assembly and more innovative products.

  1. Mergers and buyouts

Whenever there are unique ideas and efficient procedures being developed, there’s always money to be had. Buyouts, wherein small businesses sell goods and services to bigger corporations, are quite common online when there’s an active venue for exchange.

  1. Tax credit

Tax credits were made in order to encourage companies to invest on their research and development. With this, companies can begin R&D ventures.

  1. Brand development

How many times have you seen advertisements claiming that their product underwent intense research and development and had undergone only the strictest quality tests? For some, this is true, and research and development is a great way to build up your brand. Being backed up by factual R&D data, a new product’s launch can focus on the innovations on the said product and highlighting what it can give its customers.

  1. Patents

One often overlooked advantage of R&D is the procurement of patents. Once your company can “unlock” the most efficient way of doing something and successfully obtains a patent for it, your company now has the monopoly on the method, giving you the advantage in the competition.

So, what are you waiting for? Tax credits, patents, brand development, buyouts, and increased productivity: no wonder funds are coming in Israel research and development. Companies have now discovered the advantages of R&D. Don’t get left in the dust!

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